About us
We have been on the market for over 27 years. In this time we have gained experience in all areas of the field of beauty and cosmetics
A chain of salons, beauty training, magazine publishing, distributor of cosmetics to beauty salons, retail shops and chains, online shops and marketplaces, development of our own two cosmetics retail chains in the niches of natural (DNK) and Korean cosmetics (MeKey), development of the INGLOT make up chain by franchisees, the production and launch of our own cosmetics brand.
Our priorities from 2023 to 2025 are the development of the DNK, MeKey and INGLOT chains, supplying cosmetics to chains and marketplaces.
Today we employ over 150 colleagues in our company. We follow an entrepreneurial management style – our employees receive continuous training, themselves training new team members as well as taking speaking roles at conferences.
We, as owners are actively involved in the life of the company.
Dmitry and Irina Dalidovich
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cosmetics stores
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Our business units
Our values
We know that unity is our strength.
We are all different, but our actions are aligned and coherent like fingers of one hand. We are inspired by our colleagues and their passion for their work
Team power
It's the simplicity of communication, the authenticity of feeling, the freedom of action and natural ingredients in the beauty products we sell. It is respect for the people around us, for animals and nature
The ability to view problems within the context of a system and understand their connections, make decisions based on common sense and sound facts, critically evaluate information, consider different perspectives, and draw reasonable conclusions
Critical thinking
We always try to express out true feelings about the situation
We apply modern technology for constant development and progress, as only this leads to perfection
We care about the beauty, health and youth of those who trust us and always strive to justify that trust
Each of our employees is unique and...What more can we say?